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Frequently Asked Questions : 

What are the benefits of massage therapy? Massage is a great way to reduce stress levels and anxiety by decreasing the cortisol stress hormone. It boosts the immune system by facilitating increased blood and lymph circulation, thus aiding in the elimination of metabolic wastes, reducing inflammation, and supporting the body's healing and recovery process. Massage is helpful for depression, headaches, fibromyalgia, cancer, insomnia, muscle strains and spasms, overall muscle pain, joint flexibility and so much more!

What should I expect for my first massage? Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out a brief client intake form, use the restroom, etc. Your therapist will greet and escort you to your treatment room where you will discuss your intake form and your expected results from the session. You will be asked to disrobe and get yourself comfortable on the massage table after the therapist leaves the room. You will be properly draped at all times to protect your modesty. Communication is key. Please let us know if you are too hot, too cold, if pressure is too much or too little etc. during your massage session. After your session, your therapist will leave the room and you can get dressed and meet your therapist at the desk where we will offer you water and you can pay your therapist and reschedule if you wish. Please make sure if you have any serious injuries or surgeries within the last 6 months you bring a doctors note to your appointment. Your therapists reserves the right to refuse massage for any reason. Make sure to drink plenty of water after your massage to reduce soreness and flush away toxins.

How do I know what type of massage I need to book? We use the umbrella term “therapeutic massage” when booking our appointments and don’t draw a hard line between modalities. Each therapist customizes your massage to your individual needs using any and all modalities they feel would be beneficial for your issues which they will discuss with you at your session.

Should I tip my therapist? That is entirely up to you. While we do not expect tips, it is always appreciated. In general, when tipping, most clients leave 15 to 20%.

I have tried calling several times but nobody answers. What’s the deal? We are able to keep our prices affordable by not paying extra to keep a receptionist staffed. Therefor, we all use our own phones to communicate with our clients. Please leave a message when you call and we will get back to you as soon as possible if we have time between clients or when we are done for the day. Sometimes you can get a faster response by shooting us a text message.

I lost my gift certificate. Will you replace it? Unfortunately no. You must have the gift certificate in hand at your appointment in order for it to be redeemed. No exceptions.

What are your hours? Why is your door locked?? As stated before, we do not have a receptionist. The door is kept lock in between appointments while all therapists are in sessions. If you are there for an appointment please be patient, if you feel you have waited too long for a scheduled session please contact your therapist directly to resolve the issue. We do not have set hours as each therapist has the freedom to set their own schedules.

What forms of payment do you accept? Because we are all independently contracted, it is up to your therapist which forms of payments they accept. All of the therapists accept cash or check, but please check with your therapist if you plan to pay with a credit card.

Do you ever run specials? Sometimes! We suggest following us on Facebook to keep up with current or upcoming specials!

Will I be sore after a massage? This is possible. We highly recommend drinking plenty of water before and after your massage appointment to help reduce soreness. You may also notice soreness is reduced after your massages the more often you come in. As always, please communicate with your therapist during your massage.

Can I book a couples massage online? We suggest contacting us directly to schedule couples massages. Couples sessions are an hour or longer. If you wish to book one online, you must find two therapists at the same time, on the same day, at the same location. When booking online, you must also "note" that you would like a couples massage to guarantee room availability. If you do not notate couples massage when scheduling and we cannot accommodate your couples massage when you show up to the appointment, you will be taken to separate rooms. You may be contacted after scheduling if we cannot accommodate your couples massage that day.

Do you offer discounts if I come more frequently? This would be a question to refer to your therapist. Each therapist is their own "business within a business" and must offer discounts at their discretion.

Do you accept insurance? We do not accept insurance, however, your insurance may cover your massage if you turn in a receipt of your services, which you can ask your therapist to provide for you. It is your responsibility to find out exactly what information your insurance company requires on your receipt.

How often should I get massage? This is entirely up to you, your budget, your schedule, and your issues. Massage is safe to receive daily! (wouldn’t that be nice….) Some people choose to keep themselves on a routine schedule for maintenance while others wait to schedule until they have an issue that needs addressed.

I am having a fundraiser/benefit. Can Well Kneaded Massage donate a gift certificate? All of the therapists at Well Kneaded Massage are individually contracted, so it is up to each one whether or not they would want to donate their time to a fundraiser or benefit. We welcome you to contact us if you have something you are seeking donations for. What we will do is send out a mass message to each of our therapists, who will then contact you if they wish to donate a massage from them personally. Please understand we get asked to donate frequently and most therapists do donate quite a bit of their time throughout the year, so please do not be offended or feel we don’t think your cause is important if anyone cannot donate to your benefit because they have met their limit for the year.

I feel sick but I think massage will make me feel better. Should I still come? Absolutely not. Massage can actually worsen the symptoms of illness. Furthermore, massage involves working in a small space in close contact and we prefer not to catch your illness or spread it to other clients. Stay at home, stay hydrated, and get  some rest! If you show up sick to your appointment, your therapist may refuse to perform your massage.

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