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Frequently Asked Questions : 

1. What are the benefits of massage ?
  • Massage is a great way to reduce stress levels and anxiety by decreasing the cortisol stress hormone. It boosts the immune system by facilitating increased blood and lymph circulation, thus aiding in the elimination of metabolic wastes, reducing inflammation, and supporting the body’s healing and recovery. Massage is helpful for depression, headaches, fibromyalgia, cancer, insomnia, muscles strains and spasms, anxiety, sciatic nerve pain, frozen shoulder, joint flexibility, arthritis, herniated discs, carpal tunnel, and so much more!

2. What should I expect for my first massage?
  • We suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out our brief intake form. Once you have been greeted by your therapist and escorted to your room, you will be asked certain questions to ensure that the session will fulfill your needs. Tell your therapist what areas are sore, & what pressure you prefer. The therapist will leave the room for you to undress. You will be properly draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. Please let us know at any time if you want more pressure or if the temperature isn't comfortable. We want to tailor the massage to you, and your comfort is our number one priority, so please speak up if something doesn't feel right. We work the following areas: back, neck, scalp, face, arms, glutes, hips, legs, feet - strictly professionally.

3. How do I know what type of massage I need to book?
  • We do not charge more for skill or techniques, just time. So book however much time you want, and the therapist will tailor to your needs that day. We typically do a blend of swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, stretches, & myofascial release. If we feel a knot/trigger point, we are not going to ignore it just because you didn't request deep tissue. We are pretty good at finding the spots causing you pain. Typically we spend 30 min on just the back and neck. 

4. Should I tip my therapist?
  • This is completely up to you. We never expect tips, but are always grateful. most people tip 15-20% just like a restaurant. If you come weekly, tipping is def. not necessary. 

5. I have called twice with no answer..Why don't you answer your phone? is there a receptionist?
  • We do NOT have a full-time receptionist. It is one way we can keep our prices so low! There are 20 self-employed therapists you can call. We go in and out of session all day long, so please leave us a voicemail message or text us. We will get back to you asap. in between clients. Or You can always schedule online on the homepage, it's simple! or send us a group text message. 309.657.9115 or 309.472.7491  usually text is best. We have a part time high school student who works at our office after school hours and on saturdays. 

6. I lost my gift card. Will you replace it?
  • Yikes. We're Sorry. no. treat them just like cash. It even says this policy on the back of your card. Gift cards are difficult to track. Treat them like a $50 bill. (You would not expect target or wal-mart to re-issue a lost gift card, right?) It's too difficult to track between 2 stores. Sorry. no exceptions.

7. What are your hours? I came to the door it was locked.
  • Our hours vary day to day, because each therapist makes their own schedule. We are open 7 days a week. but BY APPT. ONLY. If you come to the door and its locked, we are in session with clients. You are welcome to wait or make an appt. Typically we are open from 9am to 7pm. but a therapist could decide to work earlier or stay later. Always best to schedule ahead with your therapist. 

8. How can I pay ? 
  • Pay your individual therapist. Cash, Check, Credit card or gift card. 

9. Do you ever run specials?
  • Yes, all the time! Like our facebook page for info. on specials or last minute openings.

10. Will I be sore after massage?
  • Yes, possibly. This is why it's important to drink plenty of water 24 hours before your massage and plenty of water afterwards. Hydrated muscles respond better to being worked on. If you have not had a massage in awhile you maybe sore. If you get trigger point, deep tissue, or cupping massage, it's not uncommon to be a bit sore for 2 days. Even though it feels ok while it's being done. Make sure you always drink plenty of water.

11. Why does your office always smell like peppermint?
  • it is our favorite aromatherapy! we use it for anti-inflammatory benefits, sinus issues, headaches, stress reducer, its the cure all! We use it a LOT in cupping massage. 

12. How do I schedule a couples massage online?
  • Find two identical openings on same day. Book both spots. Make sure they are two therapists, same time, same location, book under one name. In the notes to therapist section write "couples" .. if its an evening or weekend spot you need, we suggest giving us one week notice.

13. Do you offer discounts to those who come more frequently ?
  • Yes we do! We have packaged discounts you can purchase that save $25-$50. If you buy 3 one hour sessions, you save $25. Buy 5 one hour sessions, save $50. We even let you buy these as gift cards or share your package with others. 

14. Do you take insurance?
  • Not directly. We do not bill it for you, but will give a receipt for you to turn into insurance companies. We keep our prices low enough for that reason. Most chiros/doctors who bill insurance charge $120-$160/hour.

15. How often should I get a massage?
  • If you win the lottery, every day!!! Massage can really never harm you. This is a hard question for us to answer because it depends on the person. Depends on what repetitive movements and severity of your pain is and the reason you get massages. If you get massage for depression, anxiety or mental health reasons we cannot answer that. Typically most massage results last about one week when speaking about muscles. So Weekly or bi-weekly is ideal. You will really notice a huge difference in your body and stress levels with weekly massage. But if its not in your budget, come as often as you afford. At least once a month. Monthly massages only cost you $720 a year. and if you buy a package discount, only $620 a year !!!